How To Use Lawn Spreaders and Sprayers

Learn how to apply lawn care products like granular or liquid fertilizers, soil amendments and pesticides. Find out how to set the application rate and see how to work a broadcast, drop or hand crank spreader properly. And, see how to use a tank sprayer or hose sprayer.

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Project Steps

Step 1:  Hand-Held Spreader

Great for smaller yards. Simply put the product inside the hopper, dial to proper setting, turn crank, and start walking.

Step 2:  Drop Spreader

Great for areas with contours you need to follow. Also good for smaller to Medium sized yards. Drops the contents the width of the hopper, very precise.

Step 3:  Broadcast Spreader

Great for covering larger areas. Fill the hopper, set dial to recommended settings from product bag. Make a border around your lawn and follow the pattern for the rest of your yard about 1-2 feet from previous pass.

Step 4:  Liquid Products

Use either hose sprayer or pressurized tank sprayer.

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