How To Replace a Shower Head

With about 3 items and 3 steps, you can replace that leaky, outdated shower head with a brand new one. See how easy it is to update your shower with a more modern shower head.

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Project Steps

Step 1:  Turn the water supply off

Turn water off at the bath or shower knobs.

Pro Tip:
Lay some cardboard in the bottom of the tub so it won't damage the tile if you drop a tool

Step 2:  Remove shower head

Unscrew the old shower head by hand if possible. If you need to use pliers or a wrench, wrap the teeth in tape to prevent damage to the finish of your shower arm.

Hold the arm with pliers and remove shower head with wrench.

Step 3:  Prep pipe threads

Clean pipe threads on shower arm with a scouring pad to remove old thread seal tape and mineral deposits.

Wind thread seal tape two or three times clockwise around the threads on the shower arm.

Step 4:  Attach shower head

Twist right to attach new shower head to shower arm. Test by turning water on; if it leaks, tighten it until the leak stops.

Pro Tips

  • If the old shower head is really stuck, soak the joint in lime, calcium, or rust remover.