How to Install a Programmable Thermostat

Watch step-by-step how to install a newer thermostat you can program to automatically raise and lower temperatures according to your schedule to save energy. Get tips on how to program it so you can save energy on heating and air conditioning.

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Project Steps

Step 1:  Turn off power

Turn off the main power to the heating and cooling unit.

Step 2:  Remove the old thermostat cover

Step 3:  Label the wires

Step 4:  Remove the old thermostat

Loosen the terminals and detach the wires.

Remove the old thermostat.

PRO TIP: To keep the wires from slipping back into the wall, wind them around a pencil, or tape them.

Step 5:  Prepare the wire

You'll want 3/8" of bare wire at the ends.

Step 6:  Install the new base plate

Slide the wire bundle through the base plate.

Mount the base plate to the wall.

Step 7:  Connect the new thermostat

Slide the bare tips of the wire into the correct slots and tighten.

Install the batteries in the base plate and snap on the cover.

Step 8:  Turn the power back on

Step 9:  Set up programming

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