How to Replace a Doorbell

See how to replace your doorbell button and chimes. Step-by-step instructions show you how easy it is to repair a broken doorbell.

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Project Steps

Step 1:  Turn off power

Switch off the breaker.

Step 2:  Detach faceplate

Unscrew faceplate of old push button.

Pull it away from the door jamb so you can see the back.

Check to ensure there is no current using a low-voltage meter.

Step 3:  Disconnect wires

Secure the wires with tape so they don't fall back through the hole when disconnected.

Loosen the screws on the terminals to remove the wires.

Step 4:  Reattach wires

Cut off damaged wire and strip off coating so you have about 1/2" of bare wire.

Bend the bare wire tip into a J shape and hook it around the terminal screw so it curls toward the same direction as the screw when you tighten it.

Tighten the terminal screws and wrap with electrical tape.

Step 5:  Attach new faceplate

Step 6:  Remove old door chime

Remove cover.

Unscrew wires from old chime.

Label wires as you remove them so you know where to reattach them.

Remove old chime from wall.

Step 7:  Install new door chime

Attach new chimes to wall.

Secure wires to corresponding terminals using labels in previous step.

Replace the chime cover.

Step 8:  Turn power back on

Turn power back on and test new doorbell.

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