How to Remove Tough Stains

Get quick tips for removing tough stains from carpeting, upholstery, and clothing. Learn how to remove a stain without making it worse, and see how to use specialty stain removers to clean tough spills and stains.

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Project Steps

Step 1:  Carpeting

Act fast!

Blot up liquid spill as much as possible before it soaks in.

Vacuum up solid spills. If they are dried into the fibers, scrap off what you can with a spoon and vacuum it up.

Apply your cleaner.

Let it work in, then blot it up.

Once the stain is gone, rinse the area by placing damp paper towels on the area and weighing them down with something on top. You should change them out a few times.

Step 2:  Upholstery

Same steps as carpeting, but be sure to test cleaner on an area that doesn't show first to ensure it will be OK for your upholstery.

Step 3:  Clothing or linens

Use a cleaning agent made for the type of stain you have.

Lay the stain side down on one towel.
Apply your treatment.

Blot it from the back of the stain with another towel.

Catch a stain before it goes through a wash and dry cycle.

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