How To Install a Toilet

Learn how to replace a toilet, repair the tank parts, repair the gasket, or replace the wax ring.

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Project Steps

Step 1:  Empty the water

Turn off the water supply.

Flush the toilet to empty the tank.

Sop out any remaining water in the tank and bowl with a sponge or wet vac.

Step 2:  Remove the tank

Use a large open-ended adjustable wrench to loosen the nut between the toilet tank and its water supply.

With a two-part toilet, remove the bolts holding the tank to the bowl and lift away the tank.

Step 3:  Remove the bowl

Pry off the trim caps and remove the nuts on the bolts holding the bowl to the floor.

Wiggle the bowl to break the wax seal between the floor and the toilet.

Remove the toilet; have a tarp nearby to set the bowl on.

Stuff a rag into the floor opening.

Step 4:  Clean up area

Clean up old putty and wax from the floor and toilet flange.

Step 5:  Repair a broken flange

Install a reinforcing ring over the old flange.

Step 6:  Replace the wax ring

Let a wax ring sit at room temperature until it is pliable.

Mark the bolt position to make it easy to line up.

Remove the rag you stuffed into the soil drain!

Stick the wax ring to the bottom of the toilet or over the floor flange.

Step 7:  Reseat the toilet

Lower the toilet bowl onto the bolts.

Push down on the toilet to seat it on the ring, ensuring it goes all the way to the floor.

Place a washer and nut on each bolt.

Step 8:  Replace the tank

Place a rubber gasket on the bottom of the tank.

Lower the tank onto the bowl.

Tighten the tank mounting bolts.

Step 9:  Install tank parts

Follow instructions for specific parts you have.

(See other videos)

Step 10:  Connect the water

Connect the water supply line to the bottom of the fill valve and turn on water.

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