How to Choose LED Bulbs…Simplified

Learn the simplest ways to choose LED Light Bulbs. These tips from Ace simplify all the technical terms. Instead of decoding how to convert watts to lumens and demystifying what kelvins are, you’ll get helpful advice to start saving time, money, and energy right away. Think of it as a guide to buying LED Light Bulbs – unplugged.

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Shopping List

Project Steps

Step 1:  Making the upgrade

You may want to upgrade to LEDs in phases.

Do the worst first - replace hard-to-reach bulbs first.

Next replace the bulbs in lights you use the most.

Step 2:  Choosing LED bulbs - Light Direction

Choose a bulb collar based on where you want to direct the light, either omnidirectional or non-omnidirectional.

Step 3:  Choosing LED bulbs - Color & Brightness

Choose a bulb based on the ambiance you desire for that room.

Pro Tips

Dimmable  fixtures need dimmable bulbs.

When shopping for LED bulbs, take your old bulbs to the store with you to help you find the right LED equivalent.