We know technology isn’t always the answer but the Ace App is a great piece of technology that does many things to help enhance your shopping experience. So before you go out on your next hardware shop for your next project, consider what the app can do for you.

Using your Ace Rewards becomes so much faster and easier with the Ace App. That right there is a very helpful tool, but that’s not all. You can have instant access to your coupons, your order history, and a lot more personal info. With a good, high-speed network such as the one you can get with optimum internet plans (or similar data packs), you can easily access all the products and facilities provided on the Ace app as well as scan the nearest store for items you want to purchase or place an order for out-of-stock commodities.

In an unfamiliar area? The app can point you to the nearest store and help you get in contact. With the Ace App, it’s all right on your phone for you to manage and use.

The app works on older versions of iOS and Android (at least for the foreseeable future), so if you’re a retiree that only knows how to use old phones, you could find this to be a suitable use for it. We all know upgrading to the latest phone every month is a waste anyway.

Here is the summary of some of the app’s enticing features should you choose to download it:

Get Your Rewards Faster– rewards are issued on Sundays and they’re in your app on Monday. Redeem when you’re ready right from your phone-can’t lose or forget them. And see your points balance too.

Shop Online– Easily shop and place an order for in store pickup or delivery right from the app. And track your order history, just in case you forget.

Monthly Coupon Offers– The coupons you receive in the mail will now be delivered to you in the app. It’s faster and more convenient. No need to remember a paper coupon – it’s right in your phone.

$5 Download Bonus Coupon– $5 coupon available the next day just for downloading the app. Though you must be an existing Ace Rewards member or become an Ace Rewards member in order to get this.

Find your nearest store – Enter your current location or turn on location data to let the app find you all the stores close to you. You’ll also find useful information such as opening hours, contact details, and more.

Earn Points In More Ways– Earn extra points by referring friends, completing your profile, and in some special promotions.

Once you download the Ace App, setting it up is simple and can be done in just a few steps. Here’s our step by guide to help you set-up the Ace App.

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