Lime neutralizes soil acidity. Most soils contain appreciable amounts of acidic components that can be toxic to plants, so lime is the “anti-acid” for soils. Lime raises soil pH and neutralizes acid, providing a more favorable environment for microorganisms. Plants will utilize applied fertilizers more efficiently on soils that are properly limed. Lime increases the effectiveness of fertilizers.


If your soil is extremely acidic, the pH is 4.5, and you waste 71% of any fertilizer you apply.

If your soil is high in acid, the pH is 5.5, and you waste 33% of any fertilizer you apply.

If your soil is medium in acid content, the pH is 6.0, and you waste 20% of any fertilizer you apply.

Weaver’s Ace Hardware has pelletized lime that is good for use on broadcast spreaders and we also have pulverized lime, which is a powdered lime. Visit our Lawn & Garden Department for more information on these products.

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