Snow throwers make the daunting and physically demanding task of snow removal easier and quicker. Snow throwers certainly proved their worth last winter. If you are interested in purchasing a snow thrower for this upcoming season, here is some information to help you in choosing your snow thrower.

Two-Cycle or Four-Cycle

Two-cycle engines require that you mix the gas and oil together whereas four-cycle engines have separate tanks for gas and oil. Both use a specific type of engine oil- 4-cycle models use SAE 30 and 2 cycle uses a specific 2-cycle oil made for mixing. We currently offer Craftsman® Snow Throwers that are four-cycle engines with separate tanks for gas and oil for ease of use. We currently offer two Craftsman® Snow Throwers and both are four-cycle engines with separate tanks for gas and oil for ease of use. Stop in and see our Craftsman® Snow Throwers in our lawn and garden department

Single-Stage or Two-Stage

Single-stage units clear the snow in one single action, drawing it up and out from the auger to the shoot. Two-stage (or dual-stage) throwers move snow first to the back of the unit, then out the shoot, making them a better choice for heavy, wet snow. Two-stage throwers can cut through more snow and ice than single-stage models. Typically with a two-stage thrower you will do less passes over a single area. Weaver’s Ace Hardware offers both a single-stage and dual stage Craftsman® Snow Thrower.

Manual or Electric Start

Snow throwers with manual starts have to be set in “choke” mode and primed by pushing the small bulb on the side of the motor. Electric start models simply and easily start with the push of a button and fire up every time. The Craftsman® Snow Throwers we offer are both electric start.

Clearing A Path

For most residential gas-powered snow throwers, the range to clear snow is anywhere from 20 inches to 33 inches. This is what you want you for your home to make for more efficient snow removal.

These Craftsman® Snow Throwers are currently available at Weaver’s Ace Hardware.
Call or visit our Lawn & Garden Department for more information.

Craftsman® 21” Electric Start Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Craftsman 21" Snow Thrower

  • 179cc, 4-cycle OHV engine
  • 21” clearing width
  • 13” intake height
  • Push button electric start
  • Snow claw auger propelled forward speed allows for easy operation
  • Manual 190° chute rotation
  • 8” x 1.5” poly wheels
  • Ergonomic handle for easy steering and grip



Craftsman® 24” Self-Propelled Dual-Stage Snow Thrower

Craftsman 24" Snow Thrower

  • 208cc, 4-cycle OHV engine
  • 24” clearing width
  • 21” intake height
  • Push button electric start
  • 6 forward speeds, 2 reverse to easily adjust to clear light to heavy snowfall
  • Remote crank chute control
  • 12”x4” X Trac tires
  • EZ rotation chute directs ice and snow anywhere you aim

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