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What birds need in Spring:

  • An extra food source to recover from migration.
  • Space and material to prepare for nesting.8110660_A_v1

How you can help:

  • Clean and fill your feeders
  • Fill hummingbird or oriole feeder with nectar and jellies
  • Set up a bluebird house or other birdhouses
  • Hang a mesh bag filled with nesting material like twigs, dry grass and cotton.

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  1. Dick Giberti says:

    1) Does this feeder have to be ground mounted? 2) What does the base look like? 3) To open it looks like a rod with a clip? 4)Is it easy to open to fill. I have an all metal one that hangs and looks like this one looks like this except it can be hung and has 4 compartments. The rod is a hard rubber one that goes all the way thru.

    • Weaver's Ace Hardware says:

      Unfortunately this specific item is no longer available. It has been replaced by this model. Bird Feeder

      This three-compartment feeder allows for three different types of seed bringing more types of birds to the feeder. The Perky-Pet Triple Treat Feeder features three large compartments for seed. This durable feeder can be pole mounted or hung. The 6 lb seed capacity means more bird watching without the hassle of constantly refilling it!

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