We’ll soon be celebrating the special (and very delicious) holiday of Thanksgiving. If you are hosting Thanksgiving after a new kitchen renovation (that you can’t wait to show off, hello new countertops!) then here a just a few tips to help get your house and kitchen ready for turkey day.

thanksgiving table with pumpkins

Refrigerator & Freezer Cleaning– Clear out as much as you can from your refrigerator and freezer so you’ll have enough cold storage.

Test Kitchen Tools & Gadgets– Test all your kitchen tools and appliances to make sure everything is working properly and that you have enough cooking and serving utensils on hand. The kitchen is often the place where guests gather to chat, drink and snack, so consider fitting a few smart home gadgets like a smart assistant so that you can dim the lights or increase the volume of the music when needed. Some smart gadgets can even turn the oven on and off or close the blinds on the windows, making your hosting duties much more relaxing. If you need new cooking utensils or helpful gadgets, see our Housewares Department.

Take Stock Of Kitchen & Housewares Supplies– Make sure you have all your cooking and baking supplies (spices, ingredients, etc). Also be sure you are stocked on plastic storage bags/bins for leftovers. Other houseware supplies you’ll need for your holiday gathering- garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soap. For these supplies, see our Housewares Department.

House Cleaning- In addition to doing your normal house cleaning, it’s also a good time to address those small fix ups that you may have been putting off- replace burned out light bulbs (Lighting & Electrical Department), fix leaky faucets (Plumbing Department), spot clean stains on carpet or furniture upholstery. We offer a large selection of cleaning supplies and stain removers in our Housewares Department. However, if you find that doing the cleaning tasks by yourself could prove to be extremely time-consuming and exhausting, then you might want to consider consulting experts who could bring specialized equipment capable of thoroughly washing out dirt and removing stains within seconds. For instance, you might find it challenging to remove stains from your carpet. In such cases, hiring carpet stain removal professionals like the ones at Chem-Dry could be a good idea.

Remember that if you have already done your best and are still dissatisfied with the level of cleanliness, it would be wise to rely on external cleaning services before hosting a house party at home. Professional home cleaning can be an option for people who are short on time and energy due to work or other responsibilities and want to clean their homes without any worries or problems. You could even hire Clean and Simple Cleaning to come in once or twice a month and promise to keep the place reasonably neat and clean in-between visits.

Table Décor– If you are using centerpieces and table decorations that are non-perishable such as decorative candles, artificial leaves and acorns and other harvest décor, small baskets, etc. prepare them ahead of time.

Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

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