paintingprojectAs there is still snow on the ground, you are probably spending a lot of time inside your house. Here are some great indoor home improvement project ideas that will keep you busy until spring’s arrival. These simple projects will bring about positive changes and upgrades in your home that can increase the property value and save in your energy costs.

However, before you go forward with a home improvement project, you might have to remove and throw away unnecessary items from your house. It is probably typical to pile up useless things for future use, but are those things really required? You can get assistance from Junk Buddy Junk Removal or another company near your location that could remove worn-out mattresses, old appliances, hot tubs, swing sets, and garage and attic clean-ups. Once you are done with basic clean-up, then you can get on with your improvement project.

Paint– Paint is the easiest way to transform a room or just freshen it up. A quality paint job with the right color will help the rooms in your home look new, clean, and up to date. Whether you know exactly what color and finish you want or don’t know where to start, we can certainly help. Our Paint Studio team offers expert guidance and advice. Start by visiting The Paint Studio.

Change Out Light Bulbs– It’s a great time to replace light bulbs that have burned out. You should consider switching to LED bulbs. Typically you can save over 80% in energy costs by using LED bulbs- they consume a lot less energy and last for up to 20 years before you would have to replace them so they are virtually maintenance-free. Furthermore, you need to inspect your home for any faulty wiring or short circuits. In case you notice one, you need to find a reliable electrical repair company near you, which you can easily do using the internet. As an example, if you’re from Atlanta, you can google Electrical Repair in Atlanta, GA and find options for services near you. That way, you can have the electricians repair the wiring and replace the bulbs as well.

De-clutter & Organize– Make sure all the items in your home have their place in a neatly stored and labeled container. This helps make your life easier and saves you so much time when you need to access these items. There are common areas in the home which tend to serve as storage and become overly stuffed and disorganized, such as basements, garages, and closets. These are typically the catchall places for an assortment of household goods. However, with some shelving, storage totes, and an organization plan, these areas of your home will be in order and function much better for you. You can additionally employ floating and wall mounting shelves to create more space to organize the items. You can explore a few websites similar to to learn about the materials available in the market, along with price range and installation methods.

Install A Kitchen Backsplash-A kitchen backsplash can bring color and texture into your design and accent your countertops and cabinets. Or if your kitchen is already full of color, a neutral kitchen backsplash can bring a sleek and elegant look to the room.

Secure the House-Making small improvements to home safety can do wonders for your peace of mind. You could install better locks on your windows and fences to keep unwanted guests out. A camera or alarm installation could deter burglars and in some cases reduce premiums on home insurance. Other improvements you might want to consider are your garden fences and the shed, have any holes patched up to deter snooping neighbors.

Update Your Bathroom-Making small changes in our bathroom can have a huge impact. Update your faucet and shower fixtures to something a bit more modern. Paint your bathroom with soothing softer colors like (blue, muted pink, grey, white) to create a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. Change your bathroom accessories (rug, towels, trashcan, etc) to a new color also.

Change Your Furnace Air Filters– You need to change your air filters every 3 months. A clean air filter improves the air quality in your home and reduces your energy costs because a clean air filter does have to work as hard to keep your home heated or cooled. Also a clean furnace air filter extends the life of your heating and air condition unit and prevents damage caused by dirt and dust build up.

Install A Programmable Thermostat-A programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your heat or air conditioning. You can cut back heat or ac when you’re not home to save in your energy.

If you have a question about any of these projects, you can visit our Fleetwood or Douglassville store, call us, email us at, or visit us on Facebook.

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