Here’s a checklist of everything you need to get rolling with your paint project along with helpful tips.

Paint Tools Checklist


  • With a brush or pad, “cut in” the entire edge of the area to be painted.
  • When painting with a roller, work in one 3’x3’ section at a time.
  • Roll a “W” from top to bottom and left to right.
  • To finish, smooth over each painted section with light vertical strokes.
  • Remove painters tape before the paint is completely dry.

Applicator Guide


FLAT: Washable, with a soft finish that minimizes surface imperfections. Best used for low-traffic spaces.

EGGSHELL: Washable and durable, with a low-luster finish that hides surface imperfections. Best used for low-to moderate-traffic spaces.

SATIN: Scrubbable and very durable, with a luminous finish. Best used for moderate-to high-traffic areas.

SEMI-GLOSS: Extremely scrubbable, durable and stain resistant, with a radiant finish. Best used for high traffic areas.

HI-GLOSS: Maximum scrubbability, durability, stain resistance, and shine. Best used for a high-traffic area and special surfaces, such as cabinet and doors.

To print this checklist and for more tips and tools, visit The Paint Studio Checklist. You can also meet with one of our Paint Experts in our Paint Department. They can answer any paint questions you have and help you decide exactly which supplies you need for your specific project.

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