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You need the proper tools for your painting project to make sure the job is done right and efficiently. Using the right paint brush is just as important as the paint itself. Brushes can be used for painting all areas from small to large; however if you have a poor quality paint brush it will result in a poor finish.

Here’s some helpful information about the quality of paint brushes.

Filaments in paint brushes are either natural bristles or synthetic filaments such as nylon and polyester. Natural bristle brushes have natural split ends called flags, which help hold the paint in the brush so that it releases throughout the stroke instead of all at once. A quality brush has a high percentage of bristles with flagged (split) ends, which is important for holding and spreading paint. The better the flagging, the more paint a brush will hold and the fewer the brush marks left on the painted surface.

Natural bristle brushes are best for most oil-based finishes including varnishes and stains. Their soft tips leave fewer brush marks. Synthetic bristle brushes should be used with latex paint. If you use a natural bristle brush with water-based paint, the bristles will flare and absorb too much water. It is best to buy two sets of brushes- one for latex and one for oil-based paints.

A quality paint brush also has filaments that vary in length for smooth flow and application of paint. Bristles on brushes used for precision painting, should be “tipped.” They have pointed ends, allowing more precise control of the paint. An angle-tipped brush allows you to put the tips of the bristle on the work at the natural angle that the brush is held. Also an angle tipped brush puts slightly more bristle area on the work than a square-tipped brush of the same width.

Remember to always clean your brushes immediately after use, before the paint has a chance to harden. Clean with the proper solvent for oil-based paint and for latex paint clean with warm soap or detergent water solution. Always store your brushes flat or suspended from a nail or hook so that the bristles are straight and the brush is not resting on bristles.

If you have any questions, regarding your painting project or brushes, please visit our Paint Department where our expert associates can help you.

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