This time of year you are probably using your ladder a lot more frequently between cleaning gutters, painting, home improvement projects, and hanging holiday lights. Ladder accidents and injuries can happen so quickly but can be avoided. Remember to take your time and put your safety first. Make sure your ladder is in full working order (no broken parts or unstable rungs). Also be sure you are using a ladder sized correctly for the job you are doing – don’t use a stepladder whenman on ladder you really need an extension ladder.

Here are some more ladder safety tips:

  • Try to position a ladder correctly, be it an industrial ladder or a stair ladder. For stability, a ladder has to be planted with its feet one-quarter of its extended length away from the house. For example, a 12-foot ladder should be positioned 3 feet from the house. There is also a sticker on the side of the ladder that illustrates the angle that the ladder should be placed. It looks like a capital “L” with the bottom of the “L” parallel to the ground.
  • Don’t carry an extension ladder upright as you move it. You can easily lose control of it in this position. Instead, lower it and carry it parallel to the ground.
  • Make sure the ladder is positioned on a level surface. Never use rocks or bricks or any item to prop up a side of a ladder.
  • Don’t ever work on ladders alone- always have a helper to make sure you are being safe and sound.

If you have any questions about ladders, please visit our Paints & Housewares department.

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