With the warm weather we’ve had the past few weeks , we hope you were able to open your pools and relax and enjoy. Whether you’re new to pool ownership or a seasoned veteran, it’s important to maintain your pool correctly on a regular basis. There are 4 key factors to properly maintaining your pool.pool water

  1. Balance– Test your water every 2 weeks to balance total alkalinity. Calcium hardness & pH Stabilizer level should be checked at the same time along with copper and iron content.
  2. Sanitizer & Shock– Check chlorine levels daily. Use No Chlor (non-chlorine shock that allows you to swim in 15 minutes) on a weekly basis OR a chlorine based shock (Cal-Shock or Multi-Shock) when combined chlorine reading reaches .2ppm or higher.
  3. Filtration & Clarity– Water clarity is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is essential for safety. Maintaining proper filtration removes contaminants. Back-wash only when necessary as unneeded back-washing wastes water and chemicals. Filter cleaner will promote maximum efficiency.
  4. Algae Prevention & Preventive Maintenance– Use Algaecide & Phosphate Remover. Support the sanitizer with special chemicals to prevent problems BEFORE they occur. A proper preventive maintenance routine will save you time and money.

Here is a Helpful Pool Care Guide.

If need a little help determining what exactly your pool needs, bring in a sample of your pool water (be sure to go below the surface- at least elbow length). We will test your water for FREE by instantly computer analyzing it and prescribe accurate dosage amounts based on your water’s current condition. This eliminates waste and helps you save time and money. For more information on our water testing and O-ACE-sis professional strength pool chemical supplies, please visit our Pool Care team and they would be happy to help. Happy Swimming!


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