All lawns are deficient in nitrogen because grass quickly uses up the natural supply. Fertilizer helps to replace the nitrogen for a healthier and greener lawn. If you follow the fertilization schedule in the 4-Step Program by Ace® or Scotts®, your lawn will thrive and you can enjoy a lush and green lawn this season. Here’s the 4-Step Program schedule:

4 step fertilizer-program

  1. Crabgrass Preventer– Prevents crabgrass and other grassy weed from germinating in the spring. Apply when grass is dry. For best results, lawn should receive ¼” or ½” of water from rainfall or watering within 2 days of application. Apply in early spring: March-April
    1. New to the program this year and exclusively at Weaver’s Ace Hardware, we are offering free lime with your 4 step program purchase. Lime is an important tool in preparing your lawn for growing. Lime neutralizes soil acidity and raises the soil pH providing a more favorable environment for fertilizer. Plants will utilize applied fertilizers more efficiently on soils that are properly limed. We know that when you put lime down with your fertilizer, your fertilizer will work better– up to 33%! Improve your lawn by applying lime in the early spring with your first application of fertilizer. We want to help you achieve a green and healthy lawn so we are offering the free lime with your 4-Step Program purchase.
  2. Weed Control With Fertilizer– Kills dandelions, chickweeds, knotweed, spurge, and many other broadleaf weeds. Delivers a long lasting feeding without burning for a stronger, greener lawn. Apply on a calm (no wind day) to a moistened lawn – lawn should be given a thorough watering or wet from dew before you apply. Apply in late spring: April-June and no less than 30 days after Crabgrass Preventer is applied.
  3. Lawn Fertilizer– Delivers a long lasting feeding without burning for a stronger, greener lawn. Feeds and strengthens lawns against heat and drought. Fertilizer contains nutrients of 1) nitrogen for color, density, and root growth and 2) potassium for starch and protein to help resist disease and environmental stress. Can use on all grass varieties. Apply to wet or dry lawn. Apply in summer: June-August.
  4. Winterizer Fertilizer– Helps protects lawns from winter stress and promotes root development. Encourages earlier spring green-up and thicker grass. Apply to a wet or dry lawn on a calm day. No need to water, however, during dry periods watering will help greening. Apply in Fall: August-November.

For more information regarding Fertilizer and the 4-Step Program, Please See Our Sales Flyer. Our lawn and garden experts would be happy to help answer any questions and offer great tips for growing a full green lawn this season.

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  1. nathan doering says:

    I purchased the 4 step program.
    What should you apply first, second, etc…
    The bags have the little spring, summer, fall, labels but many of them say spring. WHich would you apply first?
    What would be second?
    What is the timeline between applications?

    • Steve Myers says:

      First of all, thank you for your purchase! If your bags do not have numbers on them, apply as follows.

      First will be crabgrass preventer. It will be in a purple or blue bag, and will specifically say “Crabgrass Preventer” on the front. Step 1 can be applied in March or April, so any time now would be fine. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bag for watering.

      Second will be weed and feed. It will be in a yellow or red bag, and will say “Weed and Feed” or “Weed Control and Lawn Fertilizer” on the front. Step 2 should be applied about 2 months after step 1, in April through June, just make sure to allow at least 30 days between the application of step 1 and step 2.

      Third will be lawn fertilizer. It will be in a green bag, and will say “Lawn Fertilizer” or “Lawn Food” on the front of the bag. Step 3 should be applied about 2 months after step 2, in June through August.

      Fourth will be winterizer. It will be in a brown or red-orange bag and will say “Lawn Food” or “Winterizer” on the front of the bag. Step 4 should be applied about 2-3 months after step 3, in August through November.

      Feel free to reach out with any additional questions and enjoy your healthy lawn this year!

  2. Mike Hoffman says:

    Steve – I applied Step 1 around March 15. If I need to plant some grass seed in some bare spots, which I spread Step 1 on, I know I am supposed to wait a few weeks, what timing should I use to plant grass seed and also when should I spread the Step 2?

    Also, I purchased a Spectracide Weed Stop product “plus” crabgrass killer to address clover-type weeds in the lawn. It is a hose-attachment product. Do I need to worry about timing of this with the Step 1 and Step 2? I seem to have better luck with lawn weeds with spray-on vs granular.


    • Weaver's Ace Hardware says:

      To plant grass seed, it is recommended to wait 4 months after applying crabgrass preventer. However you can possibly get around that if you’re just patching some small areas by cultivating the soil to a 4 inch deep (to disrupt the crabgrass barrier) and then mix in some lawn soil with your grass seed. If you do this, timing shouldn’t be a major factor. As far as the Spectracide Weed Stop, if you follow package instructions for application, it shouldn’t harm grass and you should be able to apply now but follow the product instructions for that. Your local Ace Hardware would also be a great resource to ask these questions as your local weather and soil may affect this too.

  3. Amy says:

    For the Weed Control With Fertilizer, I see where it should be applied to a moistened lawn. Is there a recommended minimum amount of time it needs to be on the lawn before rain? Trying to time my application of this step.

    • Weaver's Ace Hardware says:

      BEFORE APPLICATION: Before you apply, lawn can be given a thorough watering or be wet from dew. AFTER APPLICATION: Do not water or mow your lawn for 24 hours after you apply or do not apply if rain is expected in the next 24 hours.

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