Summer is here and for sure, you would want to host some people over to your place for a party! While you can get additional home improvement upgrades done like getting french doors for your home, or pressure washing the lawn with the help of professionals, what are the little things that you can do yourself? Look no further! Here’s a checklist for preparing your outdoor space (yard, deck, patio, pool) for enjoyment and entertainment throughout the summer season.

1. Spray Weed & Grass Killer to eliminate those unattractive weeds. Remember to cut the grass for a clean finished look.


2. Mulch your lawn and garden beds to bring beauty to your lawn but also to benefit your plants and soil long term. Mulching helps improve water penetration and air movement, discourages weed growth, and improves soil structure.


3. 3. Check that your outdoor lighting is working properly. Replace bulbs if necessary and add some decorative lighting with the help of electrical installation providers to your yards like solar pathway lights, rope lights, or solar jar lights. These will provide soft lighting in your outdoor space and bring a touch of style.


4. Make sure you have sufficient seating for you and your guests. Use some simple folding chairs that can be stored away after your picnic. Add some fashionable outdoor furniture such as Wicker Chairs, Welcome Benches, Adirondack Chairs, etc. Guests will appreciate the function and style in your outdoor seating.


5. Use your grill to make sure it is functioning properly. Depending on your grill type, you may need to refill propane or buy extra charcoal. You may want to update your existing tool set or add new grill tool sets and grilling accessories, like spatula and tongs, grilling baskets, etc.


6. Consider cleaning your external french door, windows, and deck surface. There will be a lot of dirt build up from the past few months and a good cleaning will make a huge difference in appearance. You can purchase wash that attaches directly to your garden hose so you can quickly and efficiently clean your doors, windows, and deck. If you are too caught up with other chores, however, consider getting in touch with companies who provide power washing services to make your job easier.


7. If you are ready to open your pool, make sure you have all your necessary pool chemicals such as balancers, sanitizers, shocks, and algaecides. Check that your accessories are in good condition and replace if necessary.


8. Protect your space and guests from insects with Insect Repellent Spray or Citronella Candles.


9. If you have outdoor items like pool items, chair cushions, outdoor candles, toys, etc that you need to store, purchase a deck box. A deck box looks great and hides these items away in one convenient place.


For more information on enjoying the outdoors this summer, please visit our Lawn & Garden and Outdoor Living departments.

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