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Soon leaves, clippings, and piles of yard debris will be all around your yard. A blower is an easy and effective way to keep your yard and walkways under control. You first must choose between an electric blower or gas blower. Electric blowers are often quieter and lighter than gas blowers and start in an instant. However electric blowers are less powerful than gas blowers. Electric blowers are recommended for smaller areas to clean up (usually under 100 yards from an outlet) because of the constraint of using an extension cord. Gas blowers provide consistent and dependable power with maximum mobility and range. Gas blowers are ideal for clearing large areas.

There are three blower types: 1) dedicated blowers, 2) blower/vacs, and 3) backpack blowers.

Dedicated blowers perform the basic blowing function, ideal for clearing decks, patios, sidewalks, and driveways.stihl blower_SBG55

Blower/vacs allow the operator to clear leaves and debris and also vacuum bag that debris. Blower/vacs also have the added function of a mulcher, reducing 10 bags of debris to just 1 bag. These shredded leaves can then be used as mulch on flowerbeds and gardens to improve soil and protect plants from cold weather. Blowers that can be converted to vacuums often require you to attach tubes and bags when vacuuming. Some blower/vacs have the ability to change between the two operations with the flip of a switch.stihl blower vac

Backpack blowers provide additional comfort and ease of use, as well as better performance. Most professional backpack blowers have heavy-duty or dual-element air filters to help keep the engine free of dirt and dust.stihl backpack blower

Blower performance is measured by the ability of the blower to generate both air velocity (MPH) and air volume (CFM). The best blowers have high measures of both MPH and CFM and are best suited for larger jobs.

Throttle controls also play a part in the performance and ease of use of blower. Throttle controls can either be full throttle only or variable speed.  Typically this a matter of your preference but variable speeds are nice when you want to control air flow like around flowerbeds and plants.

For more information or to see our selection and variety of blowers, visit our outdoor power equipment in the lawn and garden and speak with one of our associates.

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