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Winterize Your RV Water System To Protect It From Freezing

October 7, 2015

Frozen and damaged water line are the most common problems related to not winterizing your RV. To avoid the cost and hassle of dealing with a damaged plumbing system, it’s best to winterize your RV. Remember to read the owner’s manual for specific winterizing guidelines, but here are some helpful Read more ›

How To Repair a Toilet

January 8, 2015

As much as 80,000 gallons of water can be wasted each year by an undetected toilet tank leak, so it’s important to occasionally check the toilets around your home. Parts of your toilet may need to be fixed or replaced over time and these are often repairs you can do Read more ›

Welcome to the Weaver’s Ace Hardware Blog

August 8, 2014

We’re launching this new website in September 2014 in order to communicate better with our valued neighbors and customers. Please enjoy our blog and visit us soon.