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Change Your Furnace Air Filters Every Other Month

December 31, 2020

Once you have had your furnace or air conditioning unit installation done, the easiest thing you can do for it to maintain its efficiency is to get it maintained regularly. There are multiple benefits to maintaining your heating and cooling system. One of the simplest, quickest, and least expensive things Read more ›

Benefits Of Propane- Our #1 Sku

January 13, 2017

Did you know that filling your propane tank is our number one sku year round? Propane is for much more than just grills. Here are some other uses for propane:  Pool & Spa/Hot Tub Heaters  Patio Heaters  Cooktops/Ranges  Clothes Dryers  Water Heaters  Furnaces  Fireplaces  Underground & Aboveground Tanks For Whole Read more ›

10 Ways To Conserve Heat This Winter

December 13, 2016

by Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert For a homeowner, it becomes essential to have control over various aspects of the household budget and this includes the energy costs. Controlling heating costs and knowing your electricity rates (click here to know more) is always a good way for homeowners to save Read more ›

How To Install Weather Stripping On A Window

November 2, 2016

by Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert Windows and doors are a main source of energy loss in your home. You can get stainless steel windows for your home to begin with! But if you are on a tight budget, creating a tight seal, that still lets you operate your windows Read more ›

Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

October 22, 2015

By Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware Home Expert According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the air inside our homes may be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Below are five steps that you can take to improve your home’s indoor air quality. By following these steps Read more ›

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

October 23, 2014

Use this fall home maintenance checklist to prepare your home and yard for the cold weather and upcoming winter season. Clean Gutters– Clean your gutters and downspouts and make sure all drainage areas are unblocked. Gutter guards are a great product to keep debris from piling up in your gutters. Read more ›

Heating Options

October 15, 2014

We are getting into the cooler fall season and soon you will need to fire up the heat in your home. If you are considering a supplemental heating source, or need a replacement done by professionals at Albert Culver, now is the time to consider the kind of heating systems Read more ›

Welcome to the Weaver’s Ace Hardware Blog

August 8, 2014

We’re launching this new website in September 2014 in order to communicate better with our valued neighbors and customers. Please enjoy our blog and visit us soon.