fall-mum-plants Fall hardy mums add beautiful color and fullness to your garden and are perfect for decorating your home. Hardy mums are a low maintenance plants that can be kept in containers or grown in beds. Here are some tips for caring for your mums.

Mums do best in moist (not soggy) soil. Mums in containers should be watered almost every other day but be sure to check the soil before watering. If you have newly planted mums in the ground, you should water 2-3 times per week. Once they are well established in the ground they should be fine with natural rainfall but be sure to check them weekly. Don’t allow your mums to wilt.
If you are planting your mums, choose a sunny location with fertile well-drained soil. Young plants should be spaced 18-24 inches while you can plant mature plants at any desired spacing. If planting in the fall, generally no fertilizer is needed.

Please note that mums in containers need to be planted before the first hard frost. Keep them moist until the ground freezes and then cover with mulch to assure regrowth in the spring.

Hardy mums are currently available in a variety of colors and sizes in our lawn and garden department.

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  1. Anita Bowman says:

    I have a huge mum i got for my brothers funeral. Can it be kept in the house

    • Weaver's Ace Hardware says:

      Sorry we missed your question. Yes mums can survive indoors. Avoid overwatering. Place mums near window so they can receive filtered light- not direct sunlight.

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