HOME Baby chicks need to be protected from drafts but still have adequate ventilation. They also require 2 square feet per chick because they grow quickly and will need the space. Overcrowding will cause pecking.

HEAT SOURCE Baby chicks need to be kept hot. A 250-watt infrared heat lamp is absolutely necessary to maintain temperature.  We also suggest using a thermometer to assure they are at 95°F for the first week. Subtract 5°F per week until they are ready to transition to outside (around 4-5 weeks). Pay close attention to chicks…if they are crowded together under the heat source, they are cold and you should move the heat lamp closer to the chicks. Or if they are around the edges of their home, avoiding the heat, then they are hot.

BEDDING The home of baby chick needs to be lined with an absorbent material. We recommend pine shavings (do not use cedar). Bedding should be changed once a week.

DRINKER/WATERER Use a chick waterer as baby chicks have special needs when it comes to water and water needs to be clean and easily accessible. Remember to change water a few times a day.

FEEDER As with water, baby chicks require chick feeders to make their food easily accessible.

FEED Baby chicks require Starter Feed that is specially formulated with everything a baby chick needs. After 16 weeks, they can be given adult food. Also you can feed them as much as they want.  They will self-regulate.

Remember to check your local ordinances before purchasing a chick.

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