Hi everyone. Thank you to Weaver’s for allowing us to contribute to the blog. My name is Laura and I’m in the marketing department at e-cloth. I’m so excited to share with you about e-cloth and why we think everyone should have it in their homes.

Cleaning without household cleaners isn’t new. Families have been cleaning with natural cleaning methods, using lemons, vinegar, baking soda and natural soaps, for generations. While it isn’t new, this is certainly not the “norm” for U.S. households. The recent movement away from dangerous cleaning chemicals started with eco-friendly cleaning brands that have less toxicity and minimize pollution, but suffer from reduced performance. People nowadays prefer hiring professional cleaning services (like Lynchburg pressure washing) that use pressure washing techniques to get rid of stubborn window stains, algae on pavements, etc. Doing that can help people save time as well as get their homes cleaned efficiently. That said, the introduction of advanced fibers in cleaning cloths has led to true chemical-free cleaning. Chemical-free cleaning is a lifestyle change. It is choosing to clean without toxic chemicals without sacrificing the results you expect while also protecting the environment.

Chemical-free cleaning is now a worldwide movement. This movement started in the UK during 1995 using technology from the Swedish hospitals that were the first to develop and use a cloth and water to eliminate cleaning chemicals. The U.S. is now in the early stages of embracing chemical-free cleaning. Many of the best cleaning services across the country make use of all of these items. e-cloth is the worldwide leader in the chemical-free cleaning movement. The reason for e-cloth’s leadership is its assortment of high performance, task-specific cleaning products that make it possible to clean any hard surface in the home with just water and a cloth, and perform beyond user expectations.

e-clothHomeCleaningSete-cloths clean better, in less time with just water. e-cloths are reusable and are guaranteed for 300 machine washes.

e-cloth isn’t just the next big thing or “green” trend. Chemical-free cleaning is a lifestyle change. It is making a choice to clean differently in order to make your home safer for you and your family. Cleaning with e-cloth is the best alternative for safe and responsible cleaning and it is already available. e-cloth win in three ways: it cleans better, in less time without the need for chemicals.

A Better Clean
e-clothKitchenClothInUsee-cloth cleans better with just water than traditional methods. The difference is in the fibers. Why are fibers important? Dirt, oil, grease, grime and even bacteria are attracted to and trapped in by the fibers – so the more fibers you have the better the cloth works. Think of it as millions of tiny hands grabbing onto everything on the surface of your countertop or sink.

Another benefit of all of those fibers, the cloths are proven to remove over 99% of bacteria (including E. Coli and Listeria) from all hard surfaces. These cloths don’t kill bacteria, they collect bacteria from surfaces. When you run this cloth under hot water in your sink, all but .02% of the bacteria, dirt, oil and grease gets released from the cloth down the sink. There is virtually nothing transferred back onto clean surfaces.

A Faster Clean
Nobody I know wants to spend hours on their days off cleaning. While some people may choose to hire window cleaning experts from firms like Aqua Pro Company, this is not an option for everyone. So e-cloth has made it easy to clean quickly and effectively because we know you have more important (read: exciting) things to get to. With e-cloth, all you need is a cloth and a spray bottle with water. No more hauling buckets of water or caddies filled with chemicals. However, if the stains are quite stubborn, you may have to call in a residential window cleaning company to get rid of those ugly stains and make your windows sparkle.

No Need for Chemicals
e-cloth’s fibers are activated by water. This means there is no need for bottles of toxic chemicals sitting under your sink. In fact, household cleaners were the third largest category of substances associated with calls to poison control centers. Over half of those calls were regarding an incident involving children six years old and younger.

Not only do chemicals leave dangerous residues on surfaces, but when applied by spraying, they also leave toxic vapors that greatly reduce indoor air quality and that are breathed in. Eliminating the use of chemicals in your home is good for you and your family.


Start Here if You’re New to e-cloth
If you have no other e-cloth cleaning products in your home, these are the top four products we recommend:
1. General Purpose Cloth – Perfect for cleaning most hard surfaces in your home including stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, glass, chrome, granite, marble, slate, quartz, tile and wood

2. Glass & Polishing Cloth – Provides a streak-free, lint-free polished finish for all shiny surfaces like windows, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, granite and marble
3. Window Pack – Cleans windows better and with less effort for a streak-free, watermark-free and lint-free sparkle
4. Deep Clean Mop – Lightweight, maneuverable and adjustable Deep Clean Mop is perfect for all flooring surfaces including vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum, concrete.


e-cloth stands behind the products we sell. The 100% satisfaction guarantee says that if you are disappointed with one of our products, we’ll replace it or refund your money – your choice. The 300 Wash Guarantee means that if you wash your cloth once a week with your regular wash (Note: Do not use fabric softener or bleach.), it will provide you with over 6 years of unparalleled cleaning.

Visit your Weaver’s Ace Hardware to see their full assortment of e-cloth and to experience the best in chemical-free cleaning.

8 Comments » for The Benefits of Cleaning Without Chemicals With e-cloth
  1. Ellyse Vivian Meagrow says:

    So once you rinse your cloth with hot water does it need to dry completely before being used again? Or can the cloth be used rung out with the same 99% effect?

    • Weaver's Ace Hardware says:

      Great question. To start, run the cloth under tap and wring it out. This “charges” the cloth by filling microscopic voids within the cloth’s fibers with water. When you draw the cloth across a dirty surface, those water molecules attract and stick to particles of dirt and grease and even bacteria and mold. The cloth pulls the dirt particles in and and traps them. Then you rinse the cloth warm or hot water and it releases the trapped particles and refreshes the cloth. Then you can use again- no waiting necessary.

  2. Gay Foreman says:

    Where can I purchase the glass and polishing e rags

    • Steve Myers says:

      If you’re located in or near Berks County, Pennsylvania, you can find these cloths and more like them at any Weaver’s Ace Hardware – in Fleetwood, Douglassville, or our newest Sinking Spring store. If you’re not local to our stores, you can check your local Ace Hardware for their specific availability.

      • Dawn Lee says:

        I believe it’s easier to just try Amazon or online. And they aren’t expensive?

        • Steve Myers says:

          We’d encourage you to support local business and check out your local Ace store, and you can actually purchase on AceHardware.com as well and have it ready for pickup or delivery, depending on location. The pricing on the E-cloth we linked previously is $14.99 in our stores and on Amazon, the same 2-pk product is listed for $14.97. When you look at the long run, E-cloths are generally less expensive than disposable cloths or rags, since you simply wash and reuse the E-cloth as necessary. Thanks for the good questions!

  3. eddie says:

    the above ad dose not mention the kitchen scrub foam filled pad , are the benefits the same .

    • Weaver's Ace Hardware says:

      Whether you’re using the scrubber pad or washing up pad in the kitchen, the benefits are the same. These can be used with just water. They’re strong enough for grease and grime while being gentle enough for soft delicate surfaces. For care- Daily: Rinse and wring out your Washing Up Pad after use. Weekly: Machine wash up to 195°F (hot) with a small amount of detergent. No bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets. Hang dry.
      As often as you like: To sanitize and degrease, boil in just water.

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