Paint samples allow you to try and test colors before making a commitment. Paint samples are the easiest and best way to view the true paint color in your home before you buy it. You should test the paint color on the wall in your home with various lighting conditions and with your existing décor. Then you will know exactly how the color will look in the room and you can make the perfect color choice for you.


The Paint Studio at Weaver’s Ace Hardware offers Paint Color Samples in both Clark+Kensington® & Valspar®. These paint samples are sold in pint sizes, which provide ample paint to test multiple surfaces in multiple rooms. These are currently on sale until August 31, 2015  for $.99 each. testingpaintsamples

Follow these tips to guarantee an accurate paint color testing:

  1. Paint 2 Coats on the walls or on a large foam poster board that you can move around. True color won’t come through from a single coat of paint.
  2. Make sure the test swatch is large at least 2’ x 2’.
  3. Paint changes color slightly as it dries so allow test color sample to dry completely before viewing.
  4. Try it on several walls because there may be a subtle difference from one wall to the next.
  5. Test color next to trim or surrounding colors instead of in the middle of the old color.
  6. Really look at the test samples to get an idea of how the color looks at different times of day.
  7. Look at it with shades and blinds wide open to see the color in it its brightest state of intensity. You’ll note which tones come through the strongest and if it’s too intense you can choose a more muted version of that color.

For more information on paint color samples, please visit our Paint Department. Our expert associates can offer great advice and suggestions.


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