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Use This Easy Paint Calculator To Find How Much Paint You Need

PaintCalculator Step4

Painting a room is best the way to completely update and transform your space. If you are ready to head to the store and buy your paint, it’s helpful to know how many gallons of paint you need. The Paint Studio at Ace has an easy online paint calculator to Read more ›

Fertilize Your Lawn & Why You Need To Do It


All lawns are deficient in nitrogen because grass quickly uses up the natural supply. Fertilizer helps to replace the nitrogen for a healthier and greener lawn. If you follow the fertilization schedule in the 4-Step Program by Ace® or Scotts®, your lawn will thrive and you can enjoy a lush Read more ›

How To Care For Baby Chicks & What You Need To Get Started


  HOME Baby chicks need to be protected from drafts but still have adequate ventilation. They also require 2 square feet per chick because they grow quickly and will need the space. Overcrowding will cause pecking. HEAT SOURCE Baby chicks need to be kept hot. A 250-watt infrared heat lamp Read more ›

It’s The Perfect Time For Some Easy Indoor Home Improvement Projects


As there is still snow on the ground, you are probably spending a lot of time inside your house. Here are some great indoor home improvement project ideas that will keep you busy until spring’s arrival. These simple projects will bring about positive changes and upgrades in your home that Read more ›

Feeding Birds Through The Winter Keeps Them Healthy & Thriving

bird feeder

With very cold temperatures and consistent snow and ice on the ground in winter, many wild birds have difficulty getting food from their natural food sources (insects and seeds). So it’s extremely helpful to feed birds throughout the winter. During winter birds need high calorie and high fat foods to Read more ›

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